Helmut Fischer


Part no. 604-142

Measures electrically non-conducting coatings on non-ferrous metal base material (NC/NF). The probe is well suited for coating thickness measurements of thin coatings (e.g. thicknesses between 2 and 5 μm or 0.08 and 0.2 mils). A calibration to such thin thicknesses leads to excellent trueness values. Very damp sensitive: not suited for measurements on damp (acidic) surface soilings. Paint, varnish or plastic coatings on aluminum, copper or brass (NC/NF).



- With rugged 10-pin jack. Spring-loaded measuring element with built-in hard metal probe tip.
- Cable length: 1.5 m
- Measurement range: 0 - 1200 µm (0 - 48 mils) Iso/NF

The probe features a patented conductivity compensation. So that the different electrical conductivities of e.g. various aluminum alloys have no effect of the coating thickness measurement.

Can be connected to the following instruments: All DUALSCOPE® and ISOSCOPE® handheld devices of the FMP series, as well as the desktop instruments FISCHERSCOPE® MMS® PC and FISCHERSCOPE® MMS® PC2 with the F-module PERMASCOPE®