Helmut Fischer


Part no. 604-508

Probe for measurements on virtually all metals. The probe works with two test methods and are therefore able to mea-sure coating thicknesses on non-ferrous metals (ISO 2360, ASTM D7091) as well as on ferrous metals (ISO 2178, ASTM D7091). Because of the large pole tip the probe is also well suited for measurements on rough (blasted) surfaces.


- With robust, 10-pin jack.
- Spring-loaded measuring element with built-in hard metal probe tip.
- Cable length: 1.5 m
- Measurement range: 0 - 2000 µm (0 - 80 mils) (NF/Fe) 0 - 2000 µm (0 - 80 mils) (Iso/NF)

Scope of supply:
- Probe
- Metal plates ISO/NF and NF/FE for instrument check
- Calibration foil sets 605-413 and 605-415
- Prism
adapter for measurements on pipes and bars

Can be connected to the following instruments: All DUALSCOPE® handheld devices of the FMP series as
well as the FISCHERSCOPE® MMS® PC2 with the F-module PERMASCOPE®