Helmut Fischer


Part no. 605-022

Handheld instrument with exchangable probe for measuring coating thickness according to the magnetic induction method. For the measurement on ferrous substrates (F), e.g. paint, lacquer, powder coating, chrome, copper, zinc, as well as enamel or plastic coatings on steel and iron.The FMP30 instrument features additional more memory for numerous customer-specific measuring applications as well as extensive graphical and statistical evaluations. Tolerance limits can be entered into the calibratable measuring applications and the production process can be analyzed statistically.

Areas of application
  • Coatings of paint, lacquer or plastic on steel or iron (Iso/Fe)
  • Coatings of copper, brass, zinc, tin and chrome on steel or iron (NF/Fe)


Additional features to FM10
Instrument features
  • External key-triggered measurement acquisition, e.g. in hollow cylinders with small diameters
  • Audible and visual warning when tolerance limits are exceeded
  • Option Bluetooth or COM additional available to the default USB interface

Measurement application memory
  • Application memory for up to 100 measuring applications incl. calibration (adjustment settings)
  • Memory for up to 20,000 readings
  • Allocation of readings into up to 4,000 blocks
  • Date and time stamp for blocks
  • Application linking mode: Common normalization/calibration of measuring applications
  • Validation of the corrective calibration by test measurements on standards

Measurement strategies and evaluation
  • Stored specifications for measurements according to IMO PSPC, SSPC-PA2, QUALANOD and QUALICOAT
  • Capability to enable matrix measurement mode for correlated multi-point measurements
  • Averaging of measurement data: Only the mean value of several readings will be stored
  • Measurement acquisition through area measurement: Single readings are captured until probe lift-off and averaged
  • Outlier rejection settings for automatic elimination of erroneous measurements
  • Free-running display with additional presentation of the reading as an analog bar between the tolerance limits
  • Statistics display of the most significant values in the block and final results. Output of variance-analytical values
  • Graphical measurement display as a histogram
  • Capability of entering process tolerance limits and computation of the associated process capability indices cp and cpk

Scope of delivery
  • Carrying strap
  • 4 batteries
  • Printed guidelines
  • USB inter-face cable
  • Support CD with USB drivers
  • Operator‘s manual
  • Software program FISCHER DataCenter to evaluate, record and archive measurement data in a com-fortable way, software program PC-Datex to transfer measurement data into Excel sheets